Saturday, April 02, 2016

Eggshells and Emporiums

Right now, I am not working on any of the sundry novel or story projects that could be taking my attention. I'll get back to those. Or so I assume.

Instead, I have turned to developing new designs for the Emporium, my shop at Cafe Press. That is: I do need to add an Emporium page to my greatly neglected web site and eventually I shall. There should be three or four new images available on tees, mugs, bags, etc, etc, over the next couple months.

There is also the need for art work for a children's book or two --- that is something I keep putting off. Too many other ideas to take my fancy and I don't think that highly of myself as an illustrator, anyway. But I may get something done anyway and perhaps some illustrations for the next poetry collection, as well.

And then there is the magazine --- yes, I am working toward getting Eggshell Boats up and running. I am not hurrying and have not yet decided how frequently to actually publish issues. But I do have a blog where I shall begin putting up reviews of books and  maybe other stuff: .

There is also now a group at FaceBook: . How much use that will prove to be, who can say? There is a possibility that I shall move the discussion somewhere else, maybe even an embedded board at The Insolent Lad. For now, Eggshell Boats itself is simply an html page at the site; I have considered going WordPress (embedded) for it too but we shall see about that.

The issues themselves will probably be on PDF. Maybe EPUB and MOBI as well. And I just might attempt printed copies via Arachis Press, essentially at cost.

Incidentally, the songwriting urge has also hit me and I've been turning out a fair amount of poetry too. Lots to keep me busy, so back to work!

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