Friday, April 22, 2016

Foam and Fiberglass

Foam and fiberglass — that sounds like this should be post about building surfboards, doesn’t it? Something I know a bit about.

But, no, I am going to write about sound treatment for a recording space. I dabble at getting my studio into shape, but there are so many other things taking my attention right now that I haven’t been working at it as I should. Nor doing any recording, of course. One thing I have done is build some ‘super-chunks’ for my corners, to act as bass traps.

Or, I have made a start on them. They can and will get taller. These are essentially slabs of fiberglass board stacked up in the corner. I went with squares, though triangles are more common. That was a matter of space utilization. I am putting them at the floor in all four corners of my one-room space (it seems unlikely I will ever expand into the carport, as originally envisioned).

More treatment will definitely be needed. I have some fiberglass panels across the open rafters in my room (a nice large space, by the way, 14’ by 22’) to act as ‘sound clouds.’ They help more than anything else I’ve put up so far to cut down on echoes and comb filtering. I have a stack of panels to use, yet; these were originally ceiling tiles, 3/4” thick, 2’ by 4’. Not sure how best to utilize them, maybe just cut them all into squares for the super-chunks and get something else for the rest of the room.

As I can afford it, of course. Nice fabric-covered fiberglass panels are not really cheap. Fiberglass, it should be noted, is rather more effective than foam. This is not to say that foam is useless, but it would take VERY thick chunks of it to control the deep bass response of a room. And every recording space should be controlled as much as possible. This is more important than any equipment one might purchase; indeed, the only thing more important is talent!

So it is where my funds are going for a while. When I have funds. In the mean time, I shall work with what I have, finish getting the equipment sorted out (LOTS of cables to get properly plugged into the patchbays), and just maybe record something.

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