Thursday, April 21, 2016

Interviews and Anniversaries

Chugging along, sort of, on the writing of the next novel, THE EYES OF THE WIND. I could push myself more but I have lots of things to divert my attention right now. That's okay, the plot is like a bowl of dough, slowly expanding and getting ready to shape and bake in a while. I know how quickly I can actually churn out the narrative once I am ready.

I did a little 'author interview' for a blog over at Tumbler a couple days ago: --- just for fun, really. I eventually hope to interview creative folks for Eggshell Boats but right now that is yet another demand on my attention that I'm not getting to...

Today is my birthday, number sixty-six. Not a big deal and I tend to ignore birthdays and anniversaries, but two days from now is also the twelfth anniversary of this blog. Hard to believe I've been posting here that long.

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