Sunday, April 17, 2016

More Malvern?

My Malvern Trilogy of fantasy novels was finished and published a while ago but I actually have a trilogy of sequels somewhat sketched out. These will not be told by Michael Malvern, the castaway ‘hero from the sea,’ as in the first trilogy. Rather, each will be narrated by a different secondary character from those novels.

The first is to be titled GOD OF RAIN and will follow Malvern’s sometime sidekick, the Mora warrior Hito. The plot is relatively well fleshed out there but, still, I would prefer to finish up some other projects before tackling the book and ‘The Mora Trilogy.’

It should be followed by a tale of Teme, the young girl-turned-warrior and sister to the new High King. Likely title is ARROWS OF HEAVEN. It should be set a few years later, as Teme is only fifteen at the end of the Malvern Trilogy. I hope I can pull off writing as a woman!

The third book will take up the story of Malvern’s son, Maratoa, which could be as much as two decades later — he is an infant at the conclusion of HERO FROM THE SEA. The planned title is WARRIOR OF THE MOON (which is what his name means in the Mora language).

I am tempted to launch into these novels in part because they are easier to write. They are relatively straightforward action stories, told in the first person. The interweaving subplots of my Donzalo books take a bit more work! I will attempt to get back to that world in time, having left the fate of Lady Fachalana somewhat up in the air.

But first, I must finish writing THE EYES OF THE WIND, set in the Donzalo world but somewhat over thirteen centuries earlier. It helps set the stage for that later world and the rise of the nations that dominate it. But the story itself does not deal with that, being a fairly simple romantic fantasy adventure. I think I have worked out my basic plot points pretty well now (essentially, it is a quest for four gems), especially the motivations involved.

Incidentally, I also have ideas for a couple sequels to my contemporary novel, SHAPER. One of these might just involve a murder mystery set at the Florida Folk Festival.

So, back to work. On something!

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