Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Selfie

Half a century ago, the 'selfie' — the self-portrait — was not so simple a process. We artist types could sit down at a mirror and sketch or paint ourselves, and often did, for want of a better subject. The selfie is nothing new for me.

Or, with a timer, one could utilize a film camera. That is nothing I did more than once or twice, nor did I ever encounter one of those photo booths one sometimes sees in old movies or television programs. I was never near the sort of place such a thing might be found.

The self-portrait has been democratized, for better or worse. I shall admit that I don't know how to use my phone to take a selfie, nor any other sort of photograph. I'm not particularly interested in doing it. I've never been very interested in taking pictures at all, preferring my memories and my sketches.

And I have a mirror, so I can look at myself anytime I wish. Why, then, take a photo?

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