Friday, April 15, 2016

Tried, a poem


I should not have tried.
There were too many duties
tugging at my sleeve
for me to love you.

I should not have tried
to divide myself and give
a piece to you and another
to the world.

I should not have tried
when guilt told me I was
stealing time that I
could never repay.

There were too many debts
and I chose to slip
away from them all. I should
not have tried.

Stephen Brooke 2016

A rather lightweight idea I got out of my system. A moment's work, compared to the days I spent laboring over the last poem posted here.

But sort of based on real events. I did make half-hearted attempts at relationships when I was a caregiver, first for my father, then for my mother. And I felt guilty every moment I was away. I could see how things were going, what my future held, and that it was unfair for me to attempt to be in a relationship. Indeed, I should not have tried.

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