Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Eyes Going Up

“The Eyes of the Wind” is ready to go, everything written, rewritten, rewritten again, and thoroughly edited. Print and ebook versions ready, graphics done, design, layout — everything except finalizing the print cover and I need to upload the interior to the printer to get the proper dimensions for that (and a barcode to slap on it).

As it can easily take six to eight weeks for a print book to show up everywhere, plus I need to approve a proof copy, I will be uploading my print files now and getting that into motion. This does mean that the novel could be available directly from Arachis Press well before the rather arbitrary release date of July 15.

Ebooks will probably be up sometime next month, both PDF and EPUB. It may take a tad longer for the Kindle version to show up. Again, these will be available directly from the publisher almost immediately.

Perhaps I shall have an ebook giveaway again, probably around the end of June or so. I didn’t get much interest on the last one (a poetry book) and I think that was because folks had to go through the checkout at our store, give their info, etc, to get it. This time, maybe I’ll just email it to a dozen lucky individuals or something.

So, watch for “Eyes.” I shall, of course, make further announcements, so watch for those as well.

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