Monday, May 09, 2016


It had been years since I played live anywhere. I stopped when care of my late mother required my full time attention and then never got back into after her passing. Too many other projects — writing, mostly — were taking my attention.

But Sunday, I drove down to Lynn Haven to play at Roberts Hall, for the Americana venue hosted there by Maggie and Mike McKinney, aka Lucky Mudd. That’s a little over an hour drive from here on Peanut Road, and I’ll admit that I hate to drive. It’s so much wasted time that I could be using for something else!

But I go down that way to shop at the Publix just down the street every couple months anyway. Can’t get everything I need at the little local Piggly-Wiggly (especially wine). Also, there are gas stations down that way that carry fuel with no added ethanol, which I prefer for my lawn equipment. So I will be back from time to time and will probably play again.

This was an exploratory expedition, so to speak. I learned not to take my classical guitar again. Couldn’t hear myself play (as there are no monitors) and I’ve no idea how much I messed up! Not that I’m much of a player anyway — I am and always shall be a singer first. Indeed, I wouldn’t mind fronting a band again someday. Then I could dance instead of standing there holding a guitar.

Anyway, no nylon strings. That would obviously include my ukes, alas. So I’ll be carrying my ancient Ovation the next time, I think. Whenever that might be.

This is the month of the Florida Folk Festival. I’m still not certain whether I shall go over to White Springs this year. It’s not camping-friendly like the Willfest I attended earlier this year, nor do I like leaving the cat alone for the whole weekend in hot weather (wouldn’t close her in the non-air-conditioned house). Maybe I’ll drive over for Friday or Saturday. Or maybe not.

The niece won’t be there this year. Still touring in Europe. But she will be down at the aforementioned Roberts Hall in July. I’ll go down for that, and maybe play some too.

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