Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Next and the One After It

I am finishing up my latest fantasy novel, THE EYES OF THE WIND, and getting it prepared for publication. Almost certainly by August First, possibly as much as a month earlier than that. There will be an official announcement from Arachis Press soon.

This novel is something of a bridge between my Malvern novels and the Donzalo’s Destiny sequence. It takes place in the same region as ‘Donzalo’ but more than thirteen centuries earlier. As the era of Donzalo is somewhat analogous to the late Renaissance, this one is is in a period more akin to late Antiquity or the very beginning of the Middle Ages.

It both looks back and ahead, alluding to the ancient civilization Malvern came upon and the world that grows from events in ‘Eyes.’ In the process — I hope! — it manages to present an interesting and entertaining story. Not as much High Fantasy as ‘Donzalo,’ maybe not quite as action-oriented as ‘Malvern.’ And perhaps a little more lighthearted than either.

So what next? I have several novel projects in mind and some in outline. Three sequels to the Malvern series. The start of a new Donzalo-related series. A spy novel. A western. And, of course, more novels with Ted Carrol, the protagonist of SHAPER. Which first? Not sure, but one will be sure to say, ‘Write me.’

There are also poetry books and children’s books that should be written (or assembled). Lots and lots to keep me busy. I reckon if I can keep at things, I could turn out another forty books or so before I kick the bucket. Assuming something unexpected doesn’t stick that bucket in my pathway too soon.

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