Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Stoa, a poem

The Stoa

I studied many schools
of philosophic thought;
I listened to the words
those wiser than I taught.
But in the end I chose
to follow the Stoic way,
for we just sit on the porch
and pass the time of day.

Zeno likes to whittle,
Chrysippus sleeps the day long;
Aurelius pulls out his banjo
and sometimes gives us a song.
It sure beats the Academy,
or sleeping with the dogs;
we leave that to Diogenes
(as well as wearing no togs).

We come up with aphorisms,
when we don’t talk about the weather,
like ‘anger is an obstruction’
or ‘we’re meant to work together.’
But a porch is for relaxing
so we settle back in our chairs,
philosophize on our stoa
and forget our cares.

Stephen Brooke ©2016

I was thinking, of course, of the fact that a stoa (where Zeno, the first Stoic, taught) is a porch. I like to go out and philosophize on my porch, too.

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