Sunday, July 03, 2016

Donzalo in Armor

Hardcover armor, that is, though the picture I put on the front of the new all-in-one edition of DONZALO'S DESTINY portrays him in metal (it is a painting by Renaissance artist Sebastiano del Piombo). Yep, I've finally got that done, all 714 pages of it, and it is for sale at our Arachis Press store at our distributor (Lulu). However, I need to receive a copy and check it over carefully before an 'official' announcement and link.

There will be an upcoming paperback version, which should go for somewhat less than this linen covered, dustjacketed edition. We've got it up at $34.99 and there will be no discounts, as we are selling directly only. The paperback should go to all the usual retailers. Stay tuned for that, but definitely in time for Holiday Shopping.

THE EYES OF THE WIND is out officially in two weeks but generally available right now, at Amazon, etc, in both print and ebook formats. The release date of July 15 is essentially arbitrary --- I chose that weekend mostly because my niece, "Mean Mary" James will be performing nearby on the 17th and I might as well use her coattails, eh?

In the mean time, I'm muddling along with the  writing of a follow-up book to SHAPER, my Florida-set 'crime' novel. It wasn't really much of a crime or mystery book, but it's as good a genre to stick it in as any. Same with the new one; they are really about relationships and all that kind of stuff and the crime plot is just to add a little structure. It is almost certain to be titled WAVES and I'll probably get it finished and possibly published before the end of the year. Then back to fantasy adventures, most likely.

Which are much more tightly plotted and written. That actually makes them easier to write. If I find myself stuck on WAVES, I might just turn to writing one of those, probably starting with a sequel to the Malvern novels. I have three of those in development, each narrated by a secondary character from the first three books. Expect to see at least one of them next year.

But for now, plowing through the 'surf noir' of the SHAPER sequel. I use a relatively relaxed and wordy style on both my Ted Carrol/Cully Beach novels, quite different (I think) from my other stuff. And I am feeling my way more without the plot as fully outlined as usual. None the less, it's coming together --- but I may end up with more rewriting than usual!

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