Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Song and Story

I received proof copies of both the paperback version of DONZALO’S DESTINY and the print edition of the upcoming poetry book release, FIELDS OF SUMMER, in today’s mail. Both look fine, both have been approved, and both should show up at retailers ‘everywhere’ in anywhere from a month to two months.

This works with the revised release date of September 1 for FIELDS. I shall upload the ebook versions next month and, ideally, they should show up at online sellers at around the same time. I should mention that all these editions become available directly from Arachis Press almost immediately — one can purchase both print books right now at our shop at our distributor: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/arachispress

That distributor is the ‘print on demand’ company, Lulu. We have found them to be the best solution for small press distribution. Despite being a POD provider, they are not exactly our printer — that is farmed out to various companies, both in the US and abroad. Nor are they a publisher, though they will act as such for those who request it. We have our own publishing company and our books bear our own ISBN numbers. But Lulu does act as distributor, sending both our print and digital books to retailers and providing a storefront solution for Arachis Press to sell directly.

In the mean time, I am plugging away at the next contemporary Florida novel, WAVES. Not plugging very hard, I must admit, as other things have been getting in the way. But I’ll get it done and move onto something else, probably another fantasy. I am also getting myself ready to record soon, the first project probably being a couple songs for the Best Florida Song competition at the Will McLean Festival. Yes, I shall give it another shot. BTW, the niece, ‘Mean Mary’ James, has pretty much committed to performing at the festival next spring — but probably not the Florida Folk Festival. :(

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