Tuesday, August 02, 2016

August on Peanut Road

August is here, the worst of the summer heat is, in theory, past. At least going by statistics. It is time to think about putting stuff into the ground, planting things that would not have held up through the last couple months.

Indeed, I lost older stuff in the heat this year. The dryness didn’t help, either, though I’ve seen that worse. Some of my Rose of Sharon hibiscus bushes succumbed, so maybe late summer/early autumn is the time to replace those. Perhaps some snowball bushes (viburnum) too, and more PG Hydrangeas. Those last I can start myself, if I wish, but they are very inexpensive to buy also. Maybe because they are so easy to start! They do seem to hold up well in the sun.

Wouldn’t hurt to start more firethorn too. Maybe the best thing I could use for hedging here, certainly better than the invasive privet that grows everywhere (though as long as it is here, I do use it). I did move some more of the also somewhat invasive Madagascar Periwinkles out onto the bank on the north side of my property. They come up here and there volunteer in my yard year after year but can’t survive the cold of winter here. I have tried all sorts of groundcovers out there since moving in but none have taken well. Maybe the periwinkles will, at least as a temporary solution. That’s another place firethorn might be good eventually. Or maybe I could even get some more hazelnuts going out there. Their spreading root systems could really help.

The pears are ripening. Lots of them this year, and only from the one tree. When all the others I put in mature, I am going to have way more fruit than I want! Although there will be years when they don’t have as much; last year, I got a pretty small yield. Same with the peaches, but it’s been two years in a row for them now. I will be processing pears, probably as pear sauce, and putting it away.

Once could say that autumn actually starts this week, with the pseudo-pagan holiday of Sammas. That is the day that marks the halfway point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. In my Donzalo books, I refer to it as the Feast of Abundance and it is celebrated a bit like July Four is here. That would be on August 5, by the calendar I created for them. But I probably won’t celebrate much. :)

Oh, I forgot to add --- I kind of fell into my septic tank yesterday and hurt my back a bit, as well as skinning up my leg. Not all of me fell in, you understand. The metal hatch on the tank had rusted through and as I was mowing, one leg went through and down I went. I'll have to put a concrete paver over it, or something. I think I'll be okay, but I remember how I hurt my back last summer and spent a month or so laying flat. Let's hope there is no repeat!

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