Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Word Press No Go

I made one more (one last?) attempt today to install WordPress blogs at my Aabaco (the hosting company formerly known as Yahoo!) site and had as many problems as ever. Yahoo has a long history of being an abysmal match for WordPress, but I wondered if changes there had, well, changed things there.

Why would I want WP anyway? To get a responsive site or, more properly, to get several responsive sites. If it had worked, I could have had one WP installation for each of my domains, all as part of the Insolent Lad site and each as a subdomain (e.g. arachispress.insolentlad.com). But it just ain't gonna work or at least not well enough.

Aabaco has made noise about responsive solutions in the future but I'm not going to worry about that. And I do not use their SiteBuilder anymore --- it was excellent for creating static sites, when it worked, but just had bug after bug, mainly related to its use of outdated versions of Java. So I went to Serif's WebPlus a while back and created a parallel mobile site to make up for not having responsive pages.

That works well enough, if I would get busy and finish it. But I recognize that it is a temporary (which could mean years) and slightly complicated solution. I definitely don't want to move everything somewhere else and start over! And I am happy with WebPlus, but I understand it will no longer be developed.

So, now I know. No WordPress for me and that is just as well. I'll get back to working on the Insolent Lad when I feel ambitious and feel like I'm going the right direction. At least for now.

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