Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Standing Ovation

Okay, after months of looking at this guitar (and similar ones), I finally pulled the trigger today when a slightly scuffed demo unit came up for sale at Sweetwater. It's a super-shallow Ovation acoustic-electric, not one of the cheapest models but not overly expensive either.
It has a solid wood top and built-in pickup, definitely a step or two up from my twenty-five year old Ovation Celebrity knock-around guitar. This is a stage guitar, simply, something that I can take anywhere and use comfortably standing up, durable, not likely to feed back, and sounding reasonably good. So it will be my standing Ovation. :)

There are a number of things I like about Ovations, aside from their durability and inclination to stay in tune. One is the string-through bridge --- no messing about with bridge pins when I need to change strings under less-than-ideal conditions. Another is the shallow bowl on this particular model, making it more comfortable. Nearly as good as a solid-body in that respect, but not as heavy!

On the other hand, I am not quite so fond of their necks, which are a tad narrow to be ideal for finger-picking (which I do a lot, though not well!). I can live with that and, I suppose, can always sit down and use one of my other guitars when I wish to use the fingers.

Now, I reckon I'll have another reason to get out and play more, eh?

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