Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New News

But mostly about the same old stuff ---

A reminder, to start things off, that my latest poetry collection, FIELDS OF SUMMER, is officially being released into the wild tomorrow, September 1 (though it has been available pretty much everywhere for a couple weeks). I'll have to invite myself to a release party --- yeah, maybe make a pizza and open that bottle of merlot. FIELDS is published, as is all my stuff, by Arachis Press.

Yes, Arachis Press is my own company. With twenty books out (I think --- I lose track) I can call it an indie press rather than self-publishing, right? And I am planning to release a few titles by other folks. Eventually.

Also eventually, I WILL get the magazine, EGGSHELL BOATS, going. Just so dog-gone many other things going on that editing/publishing a literary magazine remains on the back burner. But I own the domain so I should use it, shouldn't I?

I'm asking a lot of questions here.

With the release of my all-in-one version of DONZALO'S DESTINY, I am finding it desirable to go back and re-edit the four Donzalo books, primarily for typos. The first of these novels, THE SONG OF THE SWORD, has been finished and the ebook versions are up and ready for purchase. It may take a few weeks for the revised print edition to appear at various vendors, pending my approval of the proof copy, but it is available at the Arachis site right now.

The other three books will probably be revised over the course of next year. And then, I shall have to go back and redo the big DONZALO'S DESTINY book, again just for the typo's I found (though I actually changed two whole words in SONG!). DD, incidentally, is available everywhere as a paperback print book and directly from AP as a hardcover.

So what am I working on now? (Yes, another question) I am trying to plow on through the writing of a mainstream novel, to be titled WAVES, a sequel to SHAPER. It may yet appear in time for Christmas, depending on rewrites, editing, etc. Then back to fantasies, most likely. I am also attempting to record some. That should be easier now the the ragweed pollen count has gone down!

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