Friday, September 02, 2016

Hermine Blows By

I am Hurricane, said the wind,
and passed on into midnight
and Georgia. In time, I slept.

Stephen Brooke ©2016

A bit of a blow, yesterday afternoon and through the night, as Hurricane Hermine came ashore a bit east of where I live and barrelled up through the Florida Panhandle, across Tallahassee and into Georgia, heading for the Atlantic. Returning to its birthplace, sort of.

Being on the west side of the storm meant things were not nearly so bad over here, even though it was fairly close (and had it gone ashore thirty or forty miles further this way, things could have been very different). It blew some, into the early hours of morn, it rained a very little after midnight to maybe two-ish. Less than half an inch, I am sure --- but the wind had dried everything up by the time I got out this morning.

The cat knew enough to stay inside. She realized something was going on. Or maybe it was the smell of the shrimp had for supper. :)

I was fortunate here. A hurricane ---  stronger than this one, perhaps (Hermine was fairly minimal) --- may hit my area sometime. Next year or next week. Who can say?

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