Monday, October 10, 2016

Airports, a poem


I do not know airports.
Other people hurry through them,
one scene in a novel
or TV show or life.

They catch a plane. They catch
a taxi to home or to hotel.
I don’t know taxis either.
They are a foreign country.

I never sat in their back seats,
looking out at a city.
I have never flown over a city;
I have no business there.

I do not know your lives,
you who hurry from place
to place, you with your luggage.
I do not know airports.

Stephen Brooke ©2016

It's all true --- I have never flown in a plane nor ridden in a taxi. Yet we see so much of such things in our culture, in our books and film and so on, that it seems a normal part of our lives. Incidentally, the poem grew from the first line, a phrase that popped into my head with no particular meaning attached. Much of my poetry (and songs as well) grows from words in this manner.

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