Sunday, October 09, 2016

Bad Language

Anyone who knows me knows that it would be an extremely rare occurrence for me to use strong or ‘vulgar’ language. I don’t even like to have the characters in my books use it! Sometimes they do, of course, as part of their character, their unique voice.

The protagonist of coming-soon novel WAVES, Ted Carrol, does not use any expletive harsher than ‘darn.’ Yes, there is something of me in Ted (though he is not me, you understand); it would not seem at all right for either of us to come out with a string of profanity! But those around him do use the occasional ‘damn,’ sometimes a ‘shit,’ and so on. Nothing much stronger.

The closest I get to anything sexually vulgar is when Ted thinks of a smart remark about ‘rods’ and wisely chooses not to make it. That was intended to say something about who he is, someone who prizes self-control (Yes, I thought it was a tad humorous too. I’ll admit that.).

No one in my books talks like Donald Trump’s remarks that recently came to light. I know there are those who spew such stuff, apparently hoping to impress someone — a twisted version of the male dominance display. Someday, I might need to include such a character in a novel (some of the pirates and bandits in my fantasies have come close). Quite possibly when (if?) I sit down to write the Western novel that will probably be titled ‘Sergeant Parnell’ I may need a character not unlike Mr. Trump (racism/chauvinism is going to be a plot element).

My protagonists do tend to be people trying to maintain order in their lives, with a chaotic world around them. That may be part of this, why some are practically monastic in their habits (not in the sexual sense, for the most part). Coming to terms with their world is a big part of the conflict. Just as in real life, eh?

* * *

On that note, I need to pick my next project! I really should get into the studio and do some recording, but I am still in ‘writing mode’ to some degree. I feel a tad lost not having a book to work on at the moment. Maybe I shall start on ‘Parnell.’ More likely, the first of my followups to the Malvern novels, except I don’t really want to go immediately to another first person narrative, except in a very different voice. Writing something third person in between might be a good idea.

All I know for sure it that I will definitely be writing more.

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