Sunday, October 16, 2016

Eggshell Boats, a lyric

Eggshell Boats

Launch my eggshell boats
on an endless ocean,
speak a prayer once heard
murmured in devotion.
Look to my horizons —
nothing lies beyond;
mists conceal the mornings
that have never dawned.

Sail my eggshell boats,
watch them disappear —
empty coracles
nameless winds may steer.
Drive them from these shores
I can never quit,
laden with the losses
I can not admit.

The sea is but a pond,
my vessels only toys;
the roar of surf beyond,
no more than a noise.
Each ripple a great wave,
each breeze a mighty wind;
who knows if I am brave?
Who cares that I have sinned?

Risk another cargo,
launch this fragile craft;
have the wheeling gulls
known the truth and laughed?
No star stands to guide me,
every voyage fails;
send my eggshell boats
forth with tattered sails.

Stephen Brooke ©2016

This would be a song lyric, rather than a poem in the literary sense. The third stanza would serve as chorus or bridge or whatever term one prefers (rhyme scheme etc is changed for it). A tune? Maybe...

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