Thursday, October 06, 2016

Getting It Ready

So I have written and rewritten the new novel, WAVES, and am now into line-edits and formatting. Getting it ready for a December Fifth release date poses no problem. I am essentially pleased with it.

WAVES is a relatively wordy novel, my longest so far, unless one counts DONZALO’S DESTINY as one long novel (which it admittedly is). This one weighs in at just over 80,000 words — not really all that long, but most of my stuff is fast paced and tightly written and doesn’t run to such lengths.

This is a followup to SHAPER and, like that book, WAVES is ostensibly a ‘crime’ novel. The crime element, however, is even smaller here and exists more to give shape to a story of relationships. Both are pretty much ‘mainstream’ novels, truly — one might even say literary fiction (but I wouldn’t, would I?).

The pacing is relatively leisurely, with a certain amount of ‘stream of consciousness’ content. The plot? Well, more convoluted than in SHAPER. That’s for sure. And there is not a whole lot that really needs ‘solved.’ This is not a mystery.

Getting WAVES ready for publication is not a big deal. The covers were designed ages ago — before most of the narrative was written! ISBNs are allotted. Blurbs are composed.

And I am thinking about the next novel.

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