Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don't Quote Me on That

Just for the halibut, some quotes from my various fantasy novels (I don't go for these sorts of aphorisms so much in the mainstream stuff)


The Song of the Sword (Donzalo’s Destiny 1)

Only a fool wagers with his master. ~ Jobareth Nafal

You might be surprised at how divided ones loyalties can be. ~ Lareth of Sharsh

Depending on what happens most times has often gotten people into trouble. ~ Jobareth Nafal

The Shadow of Asak (Donzalo’s Destiny 2)

The best diplomacy comes on the blade of a sword. ~ Greneth of Sharsh

We each make our own dreams. ~ the Queen of the Fay

The Sign of the Arrow (Donzalo’s Destiny 3)

Democracy is only the freedom to choose your master. ~ Lord Doufan

The king is the servant of the people. ~ Greneth of Sharsh

The only proper course is that which our heart sets us. ~ Guesare the Minstrel

Mankind is but a flicker in the great darkness. ~ Lord Radal

If things didn’t break, there would be no potters. ~ Lord Doufan

The Hand of the Sorcerer (Donzalo’s Destiny 4)

People must be allowed to speak their minds. It makes them think that they are free. ~ Lord Doufan

The freest men are neither slaves nor kings. ~ Sir Pol

Even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness. ~ Lord Radal

History is a runaway horse and most of the time all we can do is to hold on. But now and then, perhaps, we may find ourselves able to give a little tug on the reins and turn it, ever so slightly, in our desired direction. ~ Lord Doufan

The purpose of government is to help create and maintain a stable society. All else serves that end. ~ Lord Doufan

Any weapon is only as good as the man who wields it. ~ Sir Blen

Coast of Spears

Humans are humans, wherever we find them. ~ Michael Malvern

Let the mountains keep their secrets; there is enough for any man here below them. ~ Lady Pua

Valley of Visions

One can not see all things. ~ Oorto the Shaman

Everyone is guilty of something. ~ Michael Malvern

It takes but one man to win a battle, if he is the one who survives. ~ Hurasu, Lord of Visions

Things simply happen, and sometimes all we can do is stand back and laugh at them. ~ Hurasu, Lord of Visions

All government is ultimately by threats. ~ Hurasu, Lord of Visions

Hero from the Sea

Too much imagination is dangerous in kings. ~ Michael Malvern

Many things that are hoped for do not come to be. ~ Rahaita

If the people have the things they need and are not mistreated, there is no unrest. ~ Lord Temani’itu

There is no stronger symbol than death. ~ King Va’aru

Every sailor seeks his home port, one day. ~ Poyo the Kohari

The Eyes of the Wind

The gods are often cruel. ~ Xit the Wizard

There may be things that can't be changed, but we shall never know that unless we keep trying to change them. ~ Xit the Wizard

Humans are inclined to interpret all things to suit their own ends. ~ Xit the Wizard

Most robberies consist of nothing more than brandishing a sword and intimidating ones victims. ~ Xit the Wizard

Just being alive is reason enough to be angry. ~ Qala the Pirate Queen

I could be angry that nothing matters, except it doesn't matter. ~ Xit the Wizard

We are but infinitesimal specks in the cosmos. Yet each of us is as important as any other infinitesimal speck. ~ Xit the Wizard

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