Saturday, November 12, 2016

Evil and Elections

The problem was not the racists, the misogynists, the ‘deplorables,’ but the well-meaning people who were willing to compromise with them, to compromise with evil, in hopes of doing good. That is always a mistake. As a result we have an immoral criminal on the way to the White House.

I am not a ‘liberal.’ I did not support Clinton nor do I support the establishment’s global corporatist agenda. I even agreed with some of Trump’s rather nebulous ideas about trade. But I would never vote for a man I consider evil.

Yes, evil. Evil is real but I fear too many no longer believe in it. Too many no longer recognize it. How could the people who laughed at things Charlie Harper said on television be expected to condemn Trump’s statements?

Politics is about compromise, of course. We may speak of ‘the lesser of evils’ but it is rarely true evil we are speaking of, just differences in agendas. This is different. This is about character.

This is about who Donald Trump truly is.

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