Friday, December 16, 2016

Turn for the Better, a lyric

Turn for the Better

Take a right in Birmingham,
you'll reach Nashville by dawn;
maybe you don’t give a damn
and you’ll just travel on.
You’re who you are, I’m who I am,
what we had may be gone;
but if you call from Birmingham,
I’ll watch for you at dawn.

If you drive on,it’s understood,
the choice is up to you;
take a left, you’ve left for good,
I'll know that we are through.
And I’ll know that each falsehood
is now a debt come due;
If I had done the things I should,
I’d be riding with you.

If my life takes a turn for the better,
you’ll be driving home to me;
there are those who said ‘forget her’
But how could that ever be?
I hope and pray you’re homeward bound
and what we lost can still be found,
if my life takes a turn for the better,
if my life takes a turn for the better.

As you sit waiting for the green
at some traffic light,
think on what we used to mean
when choosing left or right.
What’s to be remains unseen,
but I’ll watch through the night,
and pray to hold you by the sheen
of the sun’s first light.

If my life... (repeat chorus)

Stephen Brooke ©2016

A straightforward Country music song of a rather old-fashioned variety. I've been dabbling at this off and on for, well, years --- the original concept seemed interesting but not much of anything I ever did with it. It is still somewhat a WIP, including the music. And I have driven through Birmingham on my way to Nashville on a few occasions.

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