Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Book and Festival

My latest novel, ‘God of Rain,’ has been ‘assembled’ into something very close to final form now. That is, the structure and narrative are as they should be and will not change. Now it is mostly a matter of editing, finding where I might want to change some phrasing, where a little extra description might be called for (I always find some of those), and so on.

‘Line editing’ if you will, though there is something more to it than that, and proofreading is part of the same process. Mistakes are mistakes and I’ll be looking for them, but also things that are not really mistakes but might be improved upon. There will be several read-throughs of the manuscript before it is finally formatted for publication.

Then a couple more, most likely! Understand that I am constantly editing as I write, as I bring it all into focus.

So when to expect publication? We’re setting a tentative release date of Monday, March 13. That should be confirmed shortly; certainly it will be out before April. Then on to another project.

Incidentally, I should be at the Will McLean Festival on the weekend before that date, March 10-12. I’d best make sure I have some copies on hand before I go!

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