Wednesday, January 11, 2017

First and Latest

First novels, it is said, are usually bad. I would not say that about mine, although I can certainly, a decade later, see things that could be improved. I could have plugged in more description, especially concrete imagery. I am okay with the story, though.

The thing is, I was already a writer so I was not really feeling my way. I had a lot of magazine articles behind me — and those called for a more stripped-down approach. It took me a while to get away from that, but it was good training. I learned to put in what was needed and no more. That is where I learned my craft.

In a roundabout way, however, I think it was really poetry and song writing that brought me the last of the skills I needed for fiction. I threw myself into that sort of thing in the 2000s and learned a great deal about using the right words, creating the image, telling the story. I still consider myself a poet first and a novelist, well, somewhere further down the list.

GOD OF RAIN is ‘in the can,’ so to speak. Final edits and proofreading done, print and ebook formatted and ready to go. I need to upload the PDF of the print version and have a proof copy in my hand to approve next. That and finish off the details of the cover when I have the exact dimensions and and an ISBN code to add. I do design my own covers, having an art background. Corel Draw is the program of choice for that.

GOR is a little less action-oriented than the three previous novels set among the Mora (my more-or-less Polynesians), the Malvern trilogy. Definitely fewer fights and battles, though a few make their way into the narrative — this is more a journey novel. Our hero, Hito, is searching for many things, both physical and spiritual. More natural dangers (landslides, typhoons, griffins, crocodiles, etc!) appear.

And the greatest danger of all, of course — love.

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