Thursday, January 05, 2017

God of Rain

The release of GOD OF RAIN has been ‘officially’ set for March 13 now. That date is quite arbitrary and exists for promotion purposes — the book should be on sale at some places (including the Arachis Press store) before then.

The novel came out slightly shorter than the target, ending up at around 55,000 words. That is definitely within the acceptable range. It also came out exactly at the planned sixty chapters. There will continue to be some polishing and minor edits but it is time now to work on book design. That will be facilitated by the fact that I am using the templates from the three previous novels set in the Mora ‘world,’ the Malvern trilogy (COAST OF SPEARS, VALLEY OF VISIONS, HERO FROM THE SEA).

Similar cover designs (silhouette concept), same typefaces, same page layouts. The text is set in URW’s Garamond No 8, a straightforward, readable font and quite suitable to an adventure novel. Naturally, the two further novels projected in this series will use the same approach.

Those two novels are tentatively titled ARROWS OF HEAVEN and WARRIOR OF THE MOON. Hito, the protagonist of RAIN, might well show up in either but will not have a major role. We move on first to Teme, little sister of the High King Poneiva, and then to Maratoa, son of Malvern/Marareta. But not right away; there are other projects that call for my attention.

I’ll write about those when it is time.

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