Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lots to Do

I have mentioned, from time to time, the idea of starting up a new ‘literary’ magazine. I did briefly publish one a few years back (‘Peripheral Vision’) but real life (primarily my duties as a caregiver) led me to fold it. So, I had plans for a new launch, under the name ‘Eggshell Boats.’

It is not going to happen. There are thousands upon thousands of places online where one may publish poetry, stories, essays, etc. I am not sure there is a place for a magazine in the traditional sense — certainly not as an electronic publication. In print is another matter; there are a few folks out there who still buy such publications.

As a web site, maybe, with articles appearing as they are written rather than being gathered into regularly issued collections. I think that is where the ‘magazine’ concept works best these days. There are others who do that sort of thing well so I have no plans to launch such a site, at least for the near future.

Better to concentrate on book publishing for now. There is an Eggshell Boats website — and a blog — and I shall be using them. It is pretty much decided that EB will become an imprint of Arachis Press, putting out poetry and, perhaps, other ‘literary’ work. I am thinking a yearly anthology but that is on the back burner.

I am definitely interested in publishing reviews — book reviews, primarily — at the EB blog. So, in a sense, it may become the ‘magazine.’ In the mean time, I am working to set things up and might be open to submissions eventually.

But first, I am busy writing and making music and redesigning the web sites. Learning to redo everything in responsive design, though it may be years before we transition completely. And, of course, spring is coming (I take the very old-fashioned view that the season starts in early February, halfway between the solstice and the equinox) so I need to get out and begin work on the gardens and on transplanting trees.

Then I officially come out of hibernation with the first music festival of the year, the Will McLean Festival on March 10-12. Lots to do before then!

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