Monday, January 09, 2017

Novel Lengths

For no particular reason, I was looking at the length of the novels I have turned out. Well, probably because I just finished another (should be sending a PDF to the printer to get a proof in the next week or so) and it was on my mind (and I'm not motivated to start another project immediately). Anyway, here they are:

49,900 - The Eyes of the Wind
54,400 - God of Rain
55,000 - The Middle of Nowhere
56,900 - Valley of Visions
62,800 - Coast of Spears
64,000 - Hero from the Sea
68,000 - Shaper
80,400 - Waves (I was surprised when that one ran as long as it did)

205,900 - Donzalo's Destiny – published in four books:
..46,000 - The Song of the Sword
..47,400 - The Shadow of Asak
..48,800 - The Sign of the Arrow
..63,700 - The Hand of the Sorcerer
DD is really one novel, though it is in eleven distinct sections of novella and novelette length. The word count puts it at about the same length as Moby-Dick. But there is way more action! :)

Of course, if one puts together the three novels of the Malvern Trilogy (Coast of Spears, Valley of Visions, Hero from the Sea) it adds up to more than 180,000 words. But they are really distinct novels, despite having a continuing story.

None of these would I call a 'short novel,' which I would use to describe work between 35,000 and 45,000 words in length. Shorter than that goes into novella territory. Most are not particularly long --- as long as needed, I hope, and no longer!

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