Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Ural Gate

The 'world' in which many (ok, most) of my fantasy writing is set posits 'gates' that allow people from this world to enter that one. One-way only! I have kept those gates to two only, to keep the whole thing from becoming unwieldy (which is not to say more won't be introduced eventually, perhaps to other worlds), one located in the South Pacific and the other in the Ural Mountains — roughly opposite each other.

Now it has been relatively simple to posit lost sailors passing through the Pacific gate. Polynesian, Proto-Malayan, Australian aborigines, Melanesians. That is the premise of my Malvern and Mora novels. But what of that other Eurasian entrance? I have been looking at the Mal'ta-Buret and Yamna cultures as providing some of the earliest travelers into this new world. Later, Scythians, Turks, and so on. Note that for either gate to open a way, there must be great energy released, typically in the form of violent storms.

I would have the Mura of my novels trace back to the Mal'ta people, thus their resemblance to Native Americans, who seem also to carry much of the inheritance of that Paleolithic people of central Asia. Therefor, I am researching them some, as well as the later Early Bronze Age Yamna (Pit Grave Culture), who carried some of their genes (mixed, apparently, with Mideastern heritage). Having started out as an anthropology major many ages ago (before switching to Art History), this sort of thing has always interested me. Research is fun!

Btw, 'The Ural Gate' could be a neat novel title, couldn't it?

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