Sunday, April 09, 2017

Pleiades, a poem


Behind the seven sister stars (yes, one
is hidden), lie Orion’s huntsman dreams
of conquest, capture, lust. His ardor gleams;
across the arc of night the heavens run
pursuing and escaping ere the sun
mounts singing forth the day with arrowed beams.
Again he fails before Apollo’s schemes,
all by the shafts of Artemis undone.

Now he who was once lover of fair Dawn
before her gold and rose approach must fade.
The endless chase but for a day is stayed
for night’s eternal wheel turns slowly on,
and each of seven sisters ever flees
Orion, hunter of the Pleiades.

Stephen Brooke ©2017

yep, a sonnet in sort of the Italian style 

Addendum, 4/26: Not surprisingly, this has seen a rewrite since I posted it. Much of the stuff I post here does. In this case, I noted a certain redundancy there in the second part and had to change out some words (which also added meaning).

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