Thursday, April 06, 2017

What Is Coming

I am currently onto a new round of edits on THE CROCODILE’S SON, after setting it aside for a few days so I might come at it fresh. At this point it is more proofreading than editing and I am working with a formatted manuscript for the print edition. No sense in working up the ebook version until I go through it again and am satisfied. Last of all, I will generate a PDF for the printer and go through that (again, after setting it aside a short while) for the final proofreading. The ebook I can then generate from my fully corrected original manuscript, primarily adding heading styles.

Then, send them off, get a proof copy of the print book in my hands to approve, and all should be ready for the official June 3 release date.

What else is in the works? I should be — or intended to be — back to the mainstream-bordering-on-chick-lit novel I started before I felt the urge to churn out CROCODILE. I shall get to it but who can say when? Instead, I have been writing short stories — contemporary mainstream short stories. They don’t come as easy for me as the novels and I labor over them far more. The ones I have been working on draw from ideas I had sketched out some time back. Maybe I’ll even have enough related tales for a collection one of these days.

It is likely I shall tackle the next fantasy novel shortly; whether before or after the mainstream effort, I can not say. It would be the second installment of my Mora trilogy, following GOD OF RAIN. Efforts — not very strenuous ones — are also being made toward another poetry collection, probably not out until late this year or in 2018. It will, incidentally, be titled VOYAGES.

None of this includes any endeavors in other areas, of course. Music and so on calls for my attention from time to time. I might even listen. Also, I do hope to publish more authors this year — not just myself, even if I do write a lot! Eggshell Boats, the ‘literary’ imprint of Arachis Press, is launching and I would like to put out some poetry collections. One of these days I hope to call for manuscripts.

So, back to work, both the editing and the new novel-in-progress and, yes, those stories. The novel, by the way, will probably be titled ASANAS. I originally thought to publish it under a pen name but if it’s good enough to put out, it’s good enough to put my name on it. Folks will just have to expect a lot of different genres from me!

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