Friday, June 23, 2017


The universe is vast, incredibly vast, beyond any human understanding vast, yet finite. But consider that there may be an infinite number of universes. That is larger — infinitely larger!

Do they exist? Maybe, in that magical quantum sense, they both do and don’t. Or we might say they exist in potential. All that is the language of guesswork, essentially. In that, in a philosophical (or even religious) sense, I accept the concept of infinite being, the idea of infinite universes seems to follow.

So what do we call this infinite array? I am not fond of the old term multiverse; there is nothing wrong with it but a multiverse could be finite. Infiniverse is better, even if it sounds clumsy and many won’t get what the word means. Or we could simply call it the cosmos, perhaps. Any way it is named, the idea is the same: infinite being in infinite variation, one universe differing from another is as tiny a difference as the position of a single sub-atomic particle.

Of course, we also need infinite non-being for this infinite being to fill! I tend to refer to that as ‘the Void.’ Where do I call it that? In my fiction, reader. Where else might I write about the Infiniverse? It is a basic concept to my fantasy novels and stories (although, theoretically, a finite multiverse would work quite as well).

In an infiniverse, anything can be. Indeed, anything must be — at least potentially. As in Roger Zelazny’s similar concept in his Amber novels, if his Amberites could think of a world, they could ‘go’ there. Whether it already existed or they created it was left unanswered. But I am not fond of the twin poles of order and chaos in his version of the infiniverse; for me it is being and non-being. That is more basic than anything else, the zero and the one of a cosmic mathematics.
Never mind that I have set almost all my stories (the fantasy ones, that is) in one specific world with its own specific rules. Fiction needs its structure, its created reality, and the infinite beyond need only be hinted at. It is enough to know it is there.

Stephen Brooke ©2017

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