Friday, August 25, 2017


I’ve been chugging along on the next novel, another ‘light’ fantasy (not the mainstream I thought I would work on), almost certainly to be titled THE WAYS OF WIZARDRY. It is quite likely we could get it out before the end of the year but there is probably no point in doing that; January 2018 is more likely. We’ll see.

I’ll give more info on the story, do a cover reveal, etc. in a while. I do have a cover more-or-less ready. I also have the formatting worked out. That is no problem because I am carrying over the template from THE EYES OF THE WIND and THE CROCODILE’S SON. Some differences in titling but the pages will be laid out the same and I will use the same typeface for the body text.

That would be Galliard, of which I am rather fond. It is the prolific Matthew Carter’s (designer of Charter, Georgia, Sitka, and a whole bunch of others) take on a Granjon style. More lively than a classic Garamond, it seems quite suited to this sort of subject matter. There are, of course, other Granjon-inspired fonts out there, including ones that bear that name, but Galliard has a more up-to-date feel for me. Chances are it will continue to be one of our go-tos at Arachis Press.

Incidentally, the five Malvern/Mora fantasies, which are a tad more ‘serious,’ were set in Garamnod No.8 from URW++. This was one of the fonts the company donated to the Ghostscript project quite some time back and is totally free and free to use for anything. It is a solid font and I would definitely recommend it as a starting point for anyone looking to design a book interior. I could see using it for almost any body text. Especially if one does not have the funds to buy a typeface!

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