Sunday, September 24, 2017

Three Books or Four?

Having finished and published the second novel in my projected Mora Trilogy (‘Arrows of Heaven’), I was giving serious thought to plugging in a fourth book before the intended finale. It would have explored some of the secondary characters from the previous books, in particular the Kohari dancer, Rahiniti, who would probably have been the narrator. I went so far as to choose a title — ‘Woman of the Sky’ — and design a cover.

But I could come up with no compelling plot for it, just a lot of political and relationship happenings. In other words, it was largely backstory for the last novel of the trilogy (to be titled ‘Warrior of the Moon’). So I decided to treat it as such and just incorporate some of the bits that I had written out into that novel in some fashion, although it takes place something like a decade and an half later.

I am not sure just when I will write ‘Warrior’ and finish the series. After all, I have like seven series in progress and they all demand my attention! But there is a good likelihood that it will happen in 2018.

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