Thursday, October 12, 2017

An Extra Novel

After claiming I was not going to insert another novel between the projected second and third books of the Mora Trilogy, I am going ahead and doing just that. This will follow the recently published ARROWS OF HEAVEN and almost certainly be titled WOMAN OF THE SKY.

So does the fantasy trilogy become a tetralogy (or quartet or quadrilogy or whatever term one prefers)? No. I recognized that the original third novel, WARRIOR OF THE MOON, is the start of a new sequence. The action takes place a decade and an half later than the end of these Mora books, and features the son of our protagonist in the original Malvern Trilogy, which the Mora Trilogy follows. There might or might not be more novels following it; we’ll have to see about that.

Am I working on WOMAN? Well, I’m making notes and plotting and outlining and all of that. I may start on the narrative or I may let that wait while I finish some other projects. I am supposed to be busy with my third Cully Beach contemporary crime novel (to be titled SMOKE). And I might even try having a life one of these days! :)

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