Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Early Reads

I came across a mention of a children's book, 'The Story of Hiawatha,' an adaption of Longfellow's epic poem and remembered it as being one of the books I loved when I was five or six, one of the first books I read on my own. I kind of skipped the picture book phase and went right to chapter books

The other one would be 'Cowboys and Indians.' Both large-format books, with fabulous illustrations and good writing. 'C and I' was illustrated by the artist, Gustaf Tenggren, who was responsible for the look of Disney's 'Snow White.' It also had some fine and thoughtful poetry in it. Hiawatha had some fine illustrations too. Here's one:

Imagination fodder for youngsters, both books, and undoubtedly influential in where I went later, reading-wise. I also read pretty much all the Thorton Burgess ('Mother West Wind,' etc) books as soon as I could read.

By the nest year, I was plowing my way through the adult books in my folks' library, but I do fondly remember these.

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