Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Halfway and More

I’m about halfway through writing the narrative on what should be the next novel (further than that in terms of plotting/outlining, of course). That will be titled WOMAN OF THE SKY and is the third book in my Mora Trilogy, finishing off that particular arc of interrelated stories. Once again, most of the characters, including the main protagonist, are of an Oceanic heritage — Polynesian, Proto-Malay, Aboriginal Australian.

All these peoples, however, have been in another world for varying amounts of time, and cultures have developed in their own directions there, as well as influencing each other. If one is sick of pseudo-European Medieval all-white fantasy epics, I offer an alternative! No ‘white saviors’ appear among my ‘natives,’ either (though the whole Malvern/Mora sequence begins with a bit of a Robinson Crusoe setup, as I wanted a 'modern' narrator with whom the reader could identify).

Only my Donzalo novels tend toward that popular European epic theme. That is one reason I set them in a post-medieval world, similar to the late Renaissance (i.e. the Sixteenth Century), and in a milieu more like that of central Europe at that time, a bit of a backwater. And yes, most of the people in that world are fairly white, though the Mura are vaguely ‘Asian,’ and Lady Fachalana, a lead character, has ‘southern’ blood. It would not surprising that nobles and royals would be of more mixed heritage than those they rule, as marriages between nations are common, both for political reasons and simply because the powerful get about more.

The soon to be released (Jan 6) THE WAYS OF WIZARDRY likewise has protagonists whose ancestors came from Oceana. It is the same world — most of my tales are set in the same world — but millennia later.

When will WOTS be out? No telling. Some other project might come along and slow things down. Shoot, a truck might run over me tomorrow. So it will be ready when it is ready — but highly likely to appear in 2018.

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