Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Hell is Naked Review

Review of the novel HELL IS NAKED, by Jean James and Mary James
Woodrock House 2017 — Print ISBN 978-0-984605-6-2

This is essentially the short review I might eventually post on GoodReads and Amazon.

As ever, an admission up front that the authors are relatives. Mary James is my niece, and the musical artist known as Mean Mary.

“Hell is Naked” is a fast-paced crime novel set in the world of the Los Angeles film industry — as seen from the vantage of extras, rather than stars. It seems authentic in its portrayal (both authors have worked as extras) of that setting.

Also authentic is the portrayal of the central protagonist, retired cop Warren Roberts, now working as a private investigator. His SWAT background is drawn from life (another family member). Roberts is in LA looking for a missing girl — ostensibly for her father. We can all guess that things are not going to be that simple!

And we can guess that all hell breaks out pretty quickly (whether it is naked, I couldn’t say). Plenty of action, in the city, in the desert hills and the Pacific waters around it, follows, with a sprinkling of comic relief. Much of that is provided by our protagonist himself. The plot holds together well, events pushing it forward, as our characters attempt to solve the underlying mystery as they run.

Well-written, readable, good characterizations, decent dialog, and a compelling plot. Recommended.

“Hell is Naked” is officially out on December 12

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