Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Misadventures in Computing

Within a couple weeks I had not one, but two, of my desktop PCs crash badly. First, my office computer, a not particularly powerful machine that I sometimes wrote on, and often used for editing and design work, as well as being my primary internet computer. Eventually I was able to get it up and running but in the process lost every file on it — some backed up recently, some not. So it goes.

As long as I needed to reinstall the operating system, I decided to switch it over to Linux and installed Ubuntu. Now, it will be my primary computer for online use, and for light office duties. Not so much in the cold of winter when I tend to hide in my bedroom and work on the laptop! It is sitting in the art studio area now and should remain there.

And I did replace it in the office with a faster and more powerful computer which is far more satisfactory for working with graphics (music, too). Bought as a refurb, which I think is the smart way to go for someone like me. But what do I know? :)

So — shortly after, I go into the music room/recording space, which I had neglected somewhat over the past year, and the dedicated music computer is quite defunct. Tried every possible solution but I am afraid it is not coming back. Now this was not a new PC but it meshed with my equipment. 32 bit, running Vista, with loads of good in and out solutions (digital) and Firewire. I am afraid this makes my old interfaces obsolete. Much of the equipment will not work with 64 bit architecture and/or Windows 10 and, of course, Firewire is pretty much a thing of the past.

I did crank up my even older, retired music computer, running Windows XP, and it worked as well as ever. I’ll use it for a while. It does provide a Firewire port but not enough computing power to run the M-Audio Lightbridge that was largely the center of my setup. So that particular piece of equipment is now pretty much a doorstop. Some USB-based stuff will still work on that machine (but not on the newer ones).

The fact is, the new office computer would do a better job and I may mix on it; I don’t go into the music room much in the coldest part of winter anyway. Sometime toward Spring I shall have to think about a replacement computer and probably a new interface setup. All I use on the newer machines right now are simple stereo USB devices (small mixers, actually) that will work on anything without special drivers. In truth, that is all I need most of the time. So I’ll be thinking about it, watching for deals, etc. It’s likely I’ll stick with Windows for recording, and use my copy of Adobe Audition 3 as long as it will work! But there, too, I’ll need to move on eventually.

In other news: I am somewhere around 85% finished with the narrative on the next novel, ‘Woman of the Sky.’ I say ‘narrative’ rather than first draft because I am constantly rewriting as I go so there is no real second draft. Just editing, proofing, designing.

And ‘The Ways of Wizardry’ is still set for a January 6 official release, but it can be purchased right now at the Arachis Press store. A lot of the publishing stuff got delayed thanks to the computer problems but we’re back on track — until the next problem, of course.

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