Friday, December 22, 2017

Woman of the Sky Completed

Writing and rewriting is complete on my third and final Mora novel, 'Woman of the Sky.' There should only be line edits and proofreading from this point as we work toward a release sometime in the spring.

As its predecessors in the Mora and Malvern series, it followed a bit of a formula, my aim being to produce a fantasy adventure in four parts, and around sixty chapters and 60,000 words. I have done pretty much that five times before and this one came out about the same — sixty chapters, 64,000 words. I pretty much know how much space it takes me to tell a story. Or maybe I know how much story fits a given space!

The supporting character of Rahiniti has been a presence through the arc of the Mora Trilogy (it really is a trilogy now), a thread that linked the stories. Now she takes center stage and tells her own story. I readily admit that this book has less action than the others. Rahiniti is not any sort of warrior; she is a dancer, a small woman, who does not take part in battles! But plenty happens, never fear. Here's the blurb, more-or-less as it will appear on the cover and elsewhere:

A long journey it had been for Rahiniti. Born a Kohari peasant, trained from childhood as a dancer in the great Temple of Mihasa, she had followed the Mora warrior Hito over the mountains to a new life, a life as a noblewoman, adopted by the powerful Lord Temani'itu.

A life that turns on to a new journey when her friend Demba passes, leaving a grieving husband and a young daughter with hidden powers. There are those who mean harm to Lord Gordie, who hope to manipulate him to further their own ambitions. How can one small 'woman of the sky' oppose them?

The journey that began in 'God of Rain' and continued through 'Arrows of Heaven' comes at last to a conclusion here, as Rahiniti finds her true place in the realm of the Mora, in the third and final novel of the Mora Trilogy, 'Woman of the Sky,' by Stephen Brooke.

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