Saturday, February 24, 2018

Released fromo the Pen Name

I have been debating for a while whether to release the next novel under a pen name. This will be a mainstream-ish effort that veers somewhat toward ‘women’s fiction.’ So I considering publishing under a woman’s name.

But I might as well own up to having written it. It’s not my first book written from a female point of view, after all. Not that I was so concerned about that — it was more that the bulk of my work is fantasy and much of that fairly light. I recognize now, however, that the tone of the new novel is not so different from my Cully Beach books (which are also ‘contemporary,’ not fantasy).

So expect ‘Asanas’ to appear later this year. Still work to do before the book is ready, and one can not put a timetable on that. It’s done when it’s done, and when it is, I’ll talk more about it.

A reminder that  'Woman of the Sky' is out shortly, on March 10 officially, though it should have showed up about  'everywhere' by then. I shall be doing a little giveaway leading up to the release so stay tuned for that.

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