Monday, March 26, 2018

Asanas POV

I have one primary protagonist in ‘Asanas,’ Lynn, and one strong secondary character, her best friend, Karen. All points of view are from one of these two, and I stick to one POV in each chapter. By far, the greater number of those chapters are from Lynn’s perspective.

Lynn Devinne, gallery employee — soon to be part owner — and sometime artist; that is who the novel revolves about. However, CPA Karen Fairfield is certainly a major presence. In a sense, the story may be more about her than Lynn, and about her relationship with yoga instructor Pat Janson. It is certainly the defining plot line, among a number of subplots. Lynn’s parallel affair with married artist Matt Stone, to some degree, provides a counterpoint to this.

Some might note the names I have given my characters — yes, those are all names of typefaces. A little private joke is all that is. It has no bearing on the story! It does make it easier to come up with names if one has a list such as that.

I continue to work on the novel, to write, to edit, to think deep thoughts! And it will be finished, sooner or later. I’m hoping on sooner.

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