Sunday, March 18, 2018

Gate Lore

Although I have no immediate plans of returning to my Mora world, I have been giving thought to future stories set there. It is likely that the sorcerer Hurasu, who played a major role in the second Malvern novel, ‘Valley of Visions,’ and has seen occasional mention since, will return to the stage.

I doubt we would return to his valley kingdom. More likely, Hurasu will cross the mountains and visit the Mora people. Why? Maybe just boredom; when one has lived three-thousand years a change of scenery might be welcome! I do think he will be attempting to close the two gates (ward them against entry, actually) that open from our world into his. Malvern and his companions passed through one of them; Hurasu used the other millennia earlier.

So one thing I have been doing is firming up my gate lore, making certain I fix their locations at both ends and considering just who might have passed through either over the ages. The one used by Hurasu is somewhere in the vicinity of the Ural Mountains and would have been passing the occasional human and pre-human for hundreds of thousands of years. It opens onto a quite large but also rather barren island set near the antarctic. Human settlers have gradually found their way off it and into the rest of the world — there is a chain of islands one might follow, so ‘modern’ humans would certainly make their way to the mainland.

The other gate is located on the opposite side of both worlds. This gate lies in the ocean at both ends, as well, the southeast Pacific in our world (somewhere south of Pitcairn or thereabout) and well out to the west of the land where the Mora (and Kohari and Diwarna) settled at the other terminal.

Note that both gates are one way, from our world to another. They can be seen as poles, perhaps, of some sort of axis running through each of the worlds (not directly through the center, I must further note). They are probably the only direct route through which humans might reach that world, a world where mankind never evolved. Note also that it takes power to open them, physical power, so they generally open only during great storms.

So Hurasu is likely to make an appearance in one or more of those further fantasy novels set in the Mora realm. But the real focus will be on the next generation in that world, on Maratoa, Malvern’s son, and on Malee, the daughter of Gordie and Demba, and niece to the shaman Oorto. Both of these individuals have sorcerous power (as revealed already, though both were young children when last seen) and will have intertwined destinies. Perhaps the son of Bafa and Teme, prophesied to become High King, will have a central role as well. We shall see how that plays.

But for now, back to other projects. I need to write sequels to, well, just about everything. And I shall!

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