Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Who Are Those Folk?

For any who might have wondered, the girl Um-um-um and her people, the 'First Children,' whom I introduced in the second Malvern novel, 'Valley of Visions,' are Homo heidelbergensis folk. Or something close to that, in that we are in another world. I did choose to regard them as 'fully human' in the sense that they could interbreed with modern Homo sapiens.

Incidentally, the Dwarfs first introduced in 'The Ways of Wizardry' but hinted at in other novels are essentially Neanderthals. Small Neanderthals. There are other Dwarf 'races'—as well as the related Trolls—that may show up in future stories.

Oh, and the wizard Hurasu, also in 'Valley of Visions, and a traveler from one of those other worlds, was left rather nebulous in any racial or ethnic sense. But from the description of his appearance one might assume he was vaguely Mid-Eastern. I made his native tongue seem related to Etruscan, so take that as you will.

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