Friday, April 06, 2018

A Depature

I have stated before that I employ an almost Nabokov-like method for writing my novels. That was perhaps more true of “Asanas” than any previous book.

It also took me longer to write than most. Or maybe any. Admittedly, I took a couple long breaks to write lighter fantasy adventures. In a sense, though, I was still writing it. I was still laying out those notes, both on the computer and in my head.

Some stories simply require more thinking. Now it is done and I can think of other things. Yes, possibly a sequel, though “Asanas” stands on its own. Or I think it does. I guess that’s up to the readers to decide. The publication date is set for June 16 and it will probably show up here and there before then.

“Asanas” was a departure for me. Oh, it has its similarities to my Cully Beach novels, I am sure, but without their ‘crime’ element. This novel depends purely on human relationships to carry the story. I’ve gone full circle to my very first novel, the young adult title “The Middle of Nowhere.” I like to think I’ve improved at least some since then.

But, you may be assured, I have no intention of giving up fantasy.

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