Monday, April 02, 2018

Finishing Asanas and Other Projects

It is not surprising that, as I moved closer to finishing the final pages of “Asanas,” I found more and more material that should be shunted to a sequel. That’s okay; the novel needed to be kept tight and, well, now I have material for a sequel.

That sequel will appear sometime. I am in no hurry to write it and will finish at least one fantasy novel before tackling the project. The most likely would be the sequel to “The Eyes of the Wind.” I’ve been making notes toward it — and half a dozen other possible books. When I’m done with editing ‘Asanas!’

As for “Asanas,” it will come out this summer. I would set July 1 as the latest release date. If things fall into place, we can move that up a few weeks. Something will be announced soon on that.

Incidentally, it came out quite close to the 70,000 word target I had set for it. I’ve gotten rather good and guessing how long my books will be before I ever write them! I suppose this title can be considered an up-market mainstream ‘relationship’ novel, aimed somewhat at the ‘women’s fiction’ genre. Hey, I have to market it as something.

I may just edit up another little book of quotes for release before the novel appears, Marcus Aurelius this time to join last year’s Thomas a Kempis. There is absolutely no need for me to hurry on that.

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