Sunday, April 01, 2018

Forgive and Forget, a song

I took a breather from editing the novel to finish this more-or-less country song. Still fine-tuning the tune (so to speak). Not that the lyric is exactly set in stone, either!

Forgive and Forget

chorus (go right into it as intro)
Down the line, I may be fine;
some day I may feel free.
All the same, it’s you I blame
for this misery.
Forgive and forget? No, I can’t yet;
I’m not the man I should be.
So I wish you pain and days of rain,
like you gave to me.

verse 1
Forgiveness is divine, I know,
but I am just a man;
I try hard to be who I should,
do right when I can.
Maybe it’s been this way since
the human race began;
Each of us tries to convince
himself there is some plan.

verse 2
I tell myself it’s no ones fault
when the  feeling dies;
things may just come to an end
and we say our goodbyes.
One day I woke up and saw
no love left in your eyes,
nothing ever hurt so bad
as seeing all your lies.

repeat chorus

verse 3
Now my heart’s grown cold as yours,
more than I should allow,
but it still remembers you
breaking every vow.
Yes, I know I’m just a man,
I know I don’t know how;
Some day I may forgive and forget
but that day’s not now.

Yes, it’s gonna keep on hurtin’,
that’s one thing I know for certain.
Love’s end holds such pain and sorrow;
who’s to blame when we lose tomorrow?
Who do we blame we’ve lost tomorrow?

repeat chorus and out

Stephen Brooke ©2018

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