Wednesday, April 04, 2018

In Potential

If, as quantum theory seems to have it, things exist only in potential until they are observed, why, we might ask, do we all seem to observe the same reality? Why don’t we all create ‘new’ universes with our observations. My answer would be that we do.

Those who observe/bring into reality the same thing will all exist in the same universe. If we observed something different, we would be in a different universe with all those who saw it that way. There might be infinite versions of us, each observing a different reality.

Or perhaps there are potential infinite versions of us. It does not matter. This is somewhat the underlying principle of the worlds of my fantasy novels. I am certainly not the only nor the first to play with such a concept; indeed, in some form it is rather common. Multiple worlds are a staple. Not explained in quite this same manner, of course, but the end result is pretty much the same.

I have noted previously that Roger Zelazny’s ‘Amber’ novels are an influence in my own ‘infiniverse’ creation. Not his twin poles of ‘order’ (or Amber) and ‘chaos’ — which, in turn, he more or less borrowed from Moorcock. So I give the tradition my own interpretation. If I gave it a different one, I guess I would be in another universe!

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