Sunday, April 29, 2018

Those Jewels

THE CROCODILE’S SON carried on from the events in the first book of my ‘Sajam Saga,’ THE EYES OF THE WIND, but centers around one of the secondary characters, so I consider it the start of a different series, ‘The Crocodile Chronicles.’ Saj and Marana go off another direction and have their own adventures in parallel.

Those are to be told in the second Sajam book, THE JEWELS OF THE ELEMENTS (the current WIP), while the Crocodile story-line continues in THE CROCODILE GOD. Then we leave both series for a time.

To have them merge again, eventually, perhaps a couple decades later, when Borm, youngest son of Saj, travels north to meet Zedos, the son of Qala the Pirate Queen (and a certain trickster god) and the two have their own tale. Is this the third Sajam novel or the third Crocodile? Not certain — maybe both!

But as it is on Zedos’s home turf, probably it will be called Crocodile Chronicles #3. Not writing that one anytime soon, but am working on both the other books. There are plenty of possible stories of Saj’s descendants on the island of Lorj, too. Their history influences much of what comes later.

Incidentally, the second Sajam novel will also tie into the Wizardry series. THE WAYS OF WIZARDRY introduced the fledgling wizard Im, whose tale will be continued in time. He will reappear a millennium later, near the end of his life, in JEWELS. His fate has always been connected to that of the four ‘magical’ jewels known as the Eyes of the Wind.

Which are also a presence in my ‘Donzalo’s Destiny’ epic, though not actually named. They are the source, so to speak, of the prophecies of Cars that set things in motion there. We may or may not make that clearer when we return to that world. But now you know, anyway!

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